OngKaTing“I have know Ms Jenny Yeoh Tan Fung for many years now. Her tenacity in her own field of work on top of her graciousness to serve the community already speaks volumes of Jenny as outstanding young Malaysian. She displays, remarkable drive and enthusiasm in advancing her career developments.” Dato Seri Ong Ka Ting (Minister of Housing and Local Government)

DSCF0476“The scores of both local and international accolades that are attached to Jenny’s name bear testimony to her success today. She has earned her stripes through endless hard work, dedication, a strong passion for the life insurance business and most important of all, a commitment to help those whom she comes into contact with and ensure that they are financially protected. She has shown great leadership and energy in her field; she is a true inspiration to many of her colleagues in Prudential.” Ng Keng Hooi (Managing Director Insurance, Asia Prudential Corporation Asia)

DSCF0434“Jenny is a perfect picture of a successful and dynamic insurance agent. She is great role model to her peers, not only because of her achievements as one of the top agents in Prudential, but also her admirable sense of responsibility and compassion to help others.” Tan Kar Hor (Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad)

mark toh“She has always come across to me as someone who cares for others. She has always been selfless, caring for the people around her including her family, friends and clients. In all my 30 working years, I have not come across a person who is able to balance so well between her family and work. She is the top 1% in the whole insurance industry in Malaysia and the top 3% in the global insurance industry.” Mark Toh (Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Fund Management Berhad)

DSCN1073“Jenny is very consistent in her performance all these years. She always achieves what she promises and she works relentlessly and persistently towards her goals. She is professional and we enjoyed working with her and we can always count on her. Jenny is both a loving mother to her two children and a caring daughter to her mother.” H K Kang (Chief Officer, General Insurance Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad)

Dato Lawrance“Jenny Yeoh is a proven sales achiever in the life insurance and financial services. With a proven track record and leadership potential, I strongly recommend anyone who really wants to become successful in this business, to join her and her team in the life-enriching quest of seeking excellent and to succeed in this noble and rewarding business. She is definitely the best person who will effectively nurture, guide and motivate you to become successful in this business.” Dato Lawrence Chan Kum Peng (Founder & Executive Chairman Personal Development Leadership Management Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.)

“Our Top Agent, Jenny Yeoh came to my office yesterday. Although we had known each other for many years, we never had a chance to speak our mind. From a little chat we spoke for the entire afternoon. I had always admired this great lady for her determination and aggressiveness in succeeding with our life insurance business. She had been winning awards ever since she joined Prudential since 2002. Prior to selling insurance, Jenny was a nurse who understood the care and concern for the sick. With her sweet dynamic personality, she fits well in our profession. I am glad she still remains as humble and kind, even she has achieved super success in selling. She shared with me her Organisation beliefs, “A C T.” A is; Action is worth more than a thousand words. C is; Courage to achieve your dreams. T is; Teamwork is the key to success. At the same time, Jenny invited me to be one of her Consultant within her Organisation. I accepted willingly cause I believe, Jenny is truly a lady who works not only with the mind but her heart as well. The few hours of discussion, tells me that she is a woman who has a lot of warm and love. Without this miracle of love, Jenny could not have the strength to pursue so far in this career. More so she has the beauty and intelligent. I hope my affiliation to her Organisation will benefit everyone.” Robert Foo

mikeMy only regret in my business dealings with Jenny Yeoh is that I did not get to know her earlier. If I had, I believe that I would stand to gain a lot from her excellent way of making everyone a partner to gain from any dealings with her.

I had a chance to coach her both to become a professional coach herself, as well working with her on her business improvement.

Now I know why she is so successful, and the reason she goes out of her way to make people successful too! Who wouldn’t want to work with her? Now, you know why I regret that I dodnt get to know her much earlier in my life. Dr Michael Heah (CEO, Corporate Coach Academy)

liang photo所谓“洛阳三月花如锦,多少工夫织得成”,看到丹鳳从白衣天使到保险天使,一步一脚印,努力耕耘,囊括各种荣誉奖项,更荣获国际龙奖IDA金龙奖会员,凭着爱心与专业,深信她会是称职的主管,在组织发展方面大放异彩!梁天龙 保险行销集团董事长   暨世界华人保险大会创办主席